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  Agricultural, Domestic & Equestrian Fencing Contractors

Agricultural & Equestrian Fencing Cheshire & Staffordshire

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Rural areas have a variety of fencing needs, containing livestock and boundary fencing being the most obvious. We have a wide range of products aimed at fulfilling these needs.

There are many types of wooden post and rail fencing, comprising of square vertical posts, with horizontal rails, nailed to the flat face of the posts. These fences can consist of two, three or four horizontal rails depending on the purpose of the fence.

The Riding Arena, or menage, shown above also uses post and rail for its perimiter fencing, comprising of square vertical posts with three half round rails and kickboards.

The picture on the right shows our special Heavy Duty fencing. This is used for demarcation purposes, or to contain a variety of stock such as horses and cattle. The fence comprises of half round vertical posts, with either three or four mortices, for the riven horizontal rails to insert into.

We also construct various types of wire fencing for Cattle, Pig, Sheep, Forest and Deer, and netting for protecting fruit from birds, chicken runs and rabbit proofing. We also provide electrical fences and barbed wire fencing too.

Domestic Fencing

Traditional Lap Panel Fencing with wooden vertical posts topped with a finial. Garden fence with concrete posts and gravel boards, and wooden fencing panels. 0

Our Domestic Fencing comes in a wide variety of styles and sizes, and can be custom made to suit your particular requirements. We usually use concrete gravelboards (sometimes called baseboards or bargeboards) with concrete posts to keep the wooden panels away from the ground, thus avoiding the problem of rotting fences due to being set into the ground. The vertical posts can also be wooden instead of concrete, as can the gravel boards.

The picture on the left shows a traditional waney lap fence with wooden vertical posts topped off with a finial, which in itself can come in a variety of styles to top off your fence to your taste. This fence comes in panel sizes of 6'x6', 6'x5', 6'x4' 6'x3' and 6'x2, or we can cut to fit. These fence panels are usually straight, but can be convex or concave to suit.

The middle picture shows a close boarded fence with concrete gravelboards and concrete vertical posts. Smart way to define the garden boundary and give the garden a little privacy.

The picture on the right shows a sturdy board panel combining a lattice top with traditional boards for a more attractive boundary. Only available in pressure treated option. The pressure treated panels remove the need for an additional gravel board.

Before we erected a fence with concrete posts, concrete gravelboards and wooden fencing panels. One side of the fence after we are nearly finished. The other side of the fence after we are nearly finished.

The three pictures above show before and after - another satisfied customer!

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